Cooling Exterior Paint in Los Angeles for Homes and Businesses

California is beginning to experience more heat waves than ever before. If the extreme heat that has started to hit the state is taking a toll on the temperature in your home or business, United States of the Art Construction can help. We can use a coat of cooling exterior paint in Los Angeles on your residential or commercial property. It’s a special type of paint that will reflect heat from the sun and keep the interior of your home or business comfortable. It’ll also keep your cooling costs down and potentially even make your HVAC system last longer.

Two people remove painter’s tape from a freshly painted white wall

How Cooling Exterior Paint Keeps Your Property Cool

If the exterior of your home or business is exposed to the sun each day, it’ll absorb its fair share of heat. It’ll transfer at least some of this heat into your property and make it feel warmer than you’d like it to be. United States of the Art Construction is a cooling outside paint company in Los Angeles that can prevent this. We’ll use the latest cooling exterior paint on the outside of your home or business to minimize the sun’s impact. Utilizing our services to put cooling exterior paint on your Los Angeles home or business will stop your exterior walls from absorbing heat and cool down its interior in the process.

Contact Our Cooling Outside Paint Company in Los Angeles

California isn’t expected to cool off anytime soon. In fact, many climate experts are predicting it’s only going to continue to get hotter from here. Combat the extreme heat with cooling exterior paint in Los Angeles from United States of the Art Construction. Give us a call to learn more about this paint and find out how it could help your home or business.


Does United States of the Art Construction offer free consultations?

Yes! United States of the Art Construction offers 100% free consultations to our potential clients. During a consultation, you’ll sit down with one of our experts to discuss the ideas you have for your project and how we can make it happen.

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What happens after a free consultation with your company is complete?

After you participate in a free consultation with an expert from United States of the Art Construction, we’ll put together a proposal for your construction project that includes a quote. We’ll have ample opportunity to discuss the proposal before finalizing any plans.

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Can you provide 3D designs before starting a construction project?

United States of the Art Construction can offer 3D designs for a construction project created by our team of architects. Our 3D renderings cost anywhere from $700 to $2,500. However, we provide free 3D design services to those who decide to sign a contract with us.

What size construction projects do you typically take on?

At United States of the Art Construction, we’re capable of taking on projects of any size, however, we require a minimum of $5,000. We strive to give all our projects the same attention, no matter how big or small they might be.

How long does it take you to finish the average construction project?

Every construction project is unique. It would be impossible for us to predict exactly how long a job will take without knowing all the details. But generally speaking, smaller landscaping projects tend to take one to two weeks, while bathroom and kitchen remodels take anywhere from two to five weeks. Home additions and accessory dwelling units take about two to six months, and commercial projects often take somewhere between six months and three years. Each project type requires a different amount of client involvement.

Which materials will you use during a construction job?

We’ve earned a great reputation at United States of the Art Construction by only using top-of-the-line materials while completing construction projects. These materials can increase the costs that come along with these projects, but we always break down the price differences between standard market materials and high-end materials for our clients.

Do you work with subcontractors?

We very rarely turn to subcontractors for help when working on construction projects. We only book three to five projects at a time so that we have adequate staff available. If we end up needing to call subcontractors for assistance, we’ll clearly communicate this to our clients.

Do you provide regular updates throughout a construction project?

We want our clients to stay informed throughout construction projects, so we provide them with daily updates via phone or email. We also reach out to our clients as soon as possible when unexpected delays occur and make sure to get their OK before making any changes to construction plans. Rest assured knowing you’ll be kept in the loop while working with United States of the Art Construction.

Do you have references for your company that you can provide?

We’re proud of all the construction projects we’ve completed in the past. We also know clients who have been through our construction process will have nothing but nice things to say about their experiences. Feel free to reach out to us for references to specific projects and see what sets our construction company apart from all the other options in the Los Angeles area.

Do you offer warranties on your construction company’s work?

We provide warranties on almost all the construction services we offer. The only thing that won’t be covered under our warranties are the materials used for projects and any appliances provided by our clients. Many of these materials and appliances will be covered under the warranties offered by their manufacturers.