Los Angeles Garage Conversion

Los Angeles Garage Conversion

Garage conversions throughout Los Angeles have progressively become a popular and viable way of enhancing and expanding living spaces for residences and guests alike. Here at United States of the Art Construction, we excel at the luxury garage renovations our clients’ desires require, whether that means additional living quarters, game rooms, granny units, guest homes, or additional dwelling units (ADUs).

Exterior view of a home and two garages

A Holistic Approach to Garage Conversions

As one of the most reputable garage conversion contractors in Los Angeles, United States of the Art Construction’s and interior designers have completed many add-ons and renovations over the years. We take pride in communicating clearly with our clients during every phase of your renovation or new build. 

We ensure each garage conversion in Los Angeles isn’t just a renovated space but a complete transformation into the aesthetic dream home and extra living space you desire. Whether a stylish extra living space or a bespoke office, a high-tech garage, or a baby nursery, we will navigate your needs and desires while delivering on our promise of complete pricing transparency from project implementation to completion.

Design, Functionality, and Construction Compliance

As more residents embrace their Los Angeles garage conversions and renovations to enhance their current square footage, we focus on providing clear and realistic expectations during any phase of your project, large or small. Our team focuses on luxury upgrades, smart rooms, and custom features for every taste. 

Navigating through zoning laws and building regulations can be confusing. Our teams will ensure that every garage conversion adheres to the correct legal construction guidelines, ensuring acceptance and approval during the final inspection stage of your project. We also focus on creating sustainable spaces and implementing green business practices as much as possible for any job or client.

A garage converted into a luxurious office

ADU Garage Conversions in Los Angeles

Garage conversions and ADUs in Los Angeles can be more than just an aesthetic improvement to your space; they can also improve your quality of life. They symbolize the evolution of your space as it conforms to your family’s actual needs. We will ensure your ADU upgrades embrace the energy and opulence of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, including intricate designs, and beautifully relaxing color palettes.

In the bustling heart of Los Angeles, where space is at a premium and innovation is of utmost importance, garage conversions by United States of the Art Construction emerge as a solution for expanding and optimizing your personal space to new heights. Contact our team of expert, designers, and installers today to discuss your potential project!

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The Experts

We are always excited to take on a new challenge. If you have a project in mind, call us today for a free consultation and see why United States of the Art Construction is the best choice for construction and renovation services in Los Angeles.